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AR Connect app | AR CONNECT

Beta version can be downloaded from Google Play and App Store.
Dragon Arena NFT holders are given an opportunity to transpose their Dragon NFTs beyond the flat screen of their smart devices into the real world. By doing that you can actively engage with your dragon by manipulating them in various ways such as rotating, moving, or scaling. This technology allows your 3D Dragon NFT to be brought to life into your physical world. We have seen many great photos being captured inside AR Connect, our members are very creative to say the least!
One of the key features of the AR Connect is the daily reward program. A box (chest) will randomly appear next to a dragon, giving the owner the chance to claim a prize within 24hrs. These rewards can include a Dragon Arena NFT or an NFT from a project that have taken part of our program. We strongly believe in mass adoption and see it as a major benefit for our project, therefore our aim with AR Connect is to not only welcome projects from MultiversX, but also to provide a platform that welcome projects from other networks.
You are welcome to visit https://dragonsarena.io/ar to view the current prize pool and check out the list of projects that have joined AR Connect till date.