Dragon Riders SFT collection

Dragon Riders SFT Collection is a special edition of in-game characters, the Dragon Riders, offering a unique opportunity to enhance your game rewards through ownership of both dragons and dragon riders.

There will be a diverse 12 Dragon Riders, consisting of 6 female and 6 male warriors, each playing an important and distinct role in the game. Each type of rider is paired with a specific dragon power, providing valuable assistance during gameplay. For instance, if your dragon possesses the fast regeneration skill, a rider with the fast regeneration trait will significantly boost your regeneration process in the game. This advantage helps you stay ahead of other players. More detailed information about each rider's unique abilities and contributions will be revealed soon.

Dragon Riders’ Story:

As a consequence of their commitment to the Dragon Gods, the riders became mighty warriors of the valley, able to aid in the Dragon Gods' quest for dominance. The majority of dragons involved in a war for the sovereignty of the Valley of Dragons have made an alliance with the Dragon Riders. In exchange for the humans' aid in the dragons' struggle to conquer the valley and establish supremacy over the Dragon Eggs, the dragons have allowed the riders to settle in their domain and live in peace.

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