Completed milestone

  1. Concept and Idea - Development begins.

  2. Dragons Arena NFTs Collection has been announced to the world.

  3. Presale 1 - 500 Dragons Eggs.

  4. NFTs holders Discord verify bot. Roles for NFTS holders: shrimp, crab, octopus, dolphin, whale.

  5. Hatching Process for Dragons Eggs. The dragons have been revealed.

  6. Presale 2 - 500 Dragons Eggs

  7. The public sale, the first batch

  8. AR application, AR Connect (a bridge between digital art and the real world), for mobile devices, available on Google Play and the App Store

  9. Implementation of a random reward system for NFTS holders in the AR Connect. Random prize boxes

  10. The second version of the website

  11. Tokenomics and whitepaper revealed

  12. First environment teaser

  13. The public sale, second batch

  14. Gods of Fire website.

  15. New tokenomics and whitepaper V2

  16. Game Soundtrack

  17. Staking app is available on Google Play and the App Store.

  18. Mobile apps' new features - gamified apps - new updates

  19. Creating a unique bot on discord synchronized with mobile apps

  20. Back to Origins SFT collections

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