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Beta version can be downloaded from Google Play and App Store.

Dragon Arena NFT holders are given an opportunity to transpose their Dragon NFTs beyond the flat screen of their smart devices into the real world. By doing that you can actively engage with your dragon by manipulating them in various ways such as rotating, moving, or scaling. This technology allows your 3D Dragon NFT to be brought to life into your physical world. We have seen many great photos being captured inside AR Connect, our members are very creative to say the least!

One of the key features of the AR Connect is the daily reward program. A box (chest) will randomly appear next to a dragon, giving the owner the chance to claim a prize within 24hrs. These rewards can include a Dragon Arena NFT or an NFT from a project that have taken part of our program. We strongly believe in mass adoption and see it as a major benefit for our project, therefore our aim with AR Connect is to not only welcome projects from MultiversX, but also to provide a platform that welcome projects from other networks.

AR Connect features:

  • AR Interaction: Bring your dragons into the real world - Augmented Reality

    • Environmental Mode: Customize colors with filters.

    • Effortless Scaling and Rotation: Easily adjust size and rotation with intuitive controls.

  • Daily Random Rewards: Simplified process with an icon next to the lucky dragon. Two prizes daily, claim within 24 hours.

  • Pool Section: All website stats integrated. Access info on claimed and pending AR prizes, total prizes, rewards earned, and projects joined.

  • Stake Your Dragons in AR App: If your device supports AR Core, stake your dragons, transpose them, and earn daily points. If your device doesn't support ARCore, we've developed the application with the same functionalities, available on both Android and iOS, Dragons Arena Space app. This ensures that users without ARCore compatibility can also access the benefits. Dragons Arena Space for Android and iOS.

  • Gamified App | Points System: Earn daily points and unlock different tiers of prize boxes from the "My Account" section of the app. For more details about the points system, please refer to the article on Medium.

  • Leaderboard Section: Stay updated on top holders with the highest points. Monthly competition with Back to Origins SFT Egg rewards for the top 3 users.

Account Section:

  • Change Your Avatar: Personalize with your favorite dragon.

  • Role-Based Colors: Different colors for each role (shrimp, crab, octopus, dolphin, whale, and mega-whale).

  • Daily Point Claim: Earn daily points based on your role.

  • Points and Level Tracking: Monitor your accumulated points and level progression.

  • Herotag: View your own and others' Herotags.

  • Try Your Luck: Use points to open boxes with different prizes. Create your strategy!

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