Upcoming Milestones: Alpha Phase

Alpha Release for Gods of Fire game Season 1

  • Launching the alpha version, initiating testing with Dragon Arena NFT holders.

  • Community Engagement | Organizing feedback sessions: Identifying and accumulating bug reports for further improvement.

  • Early Rewards: rewards offered to early testers to incentivize active participation.

Riders SFT Collection:

  • The Dragon Riders SFT Collection introduces an exclusive series of in-game characters to elevate the gaming experience. By owning the Dragon Riders, players gain strategic advantages within the game.

  • Launching the SFT Riders collection.

Bug Fixing and Enhancement Period:

  • Resolving reported bugs and issues.

  • Focusing on enhancing graphics, game performance, animations, and visual effects (VFX)

  • Stable version and Beta preparation: achieving a stable version and preparing for the beta release.

Gods of Fire NFT collection airdrop for Dragon Arena NFT holders | In-game playable characters:

  • Owning a Gods of Fire NFT provides players with the opportunity to earn $EGODS tokens while leading their dragons in epic battles.

  • Preparing the airdrop for Dragons Arena NFT holders.

  • Snapshots and NFTs distribution.

Beta Phase:

Live Beta Release:

  • Launching the beta version.

  • Gathering feedback from a broader player base.

  • Developing Version 2 of the website to enhance user experience and expand game functionalities.

  • Community Events: organizing special events to encourage community participation and active testing during the beta version.

Riders' Collection Integration:

  • Preparing the animations, sounds, and items customization for the Riders SFT collection

  • Introducing the Riders' collection into the game, offering in-game advantages for players.

  • Setting up the Riders' village.

$EGODS Token Launch

Tokenomics Revision:

  • Reviewing and revising the tokenomics and in-game token distribution.

Launchpad Preparation and Token Sale:

  • Preparing for the token launch.

  • Initiating the token sale phase.

In-game shop for web2 and web3 players:

  • Setting up the in-game shop for both Web3 and Web2 users.

In-Game Token Utilization | Integration:

  • Integrating the token into the in-game economy.

  • Players will start earning $EGODS tokens while playing the game.

  • Players will be able to spend $EGODS tokens in the game for in-game items, characters, boosts, and exclusive features.

Official Game Launch

  • Full-scale release of the game to the public, unveiling enhanced features, polished gameplay, and delivering a comprehensive gaming experience.

  • Monitoring tokenomics to maintain a balanced and sustainable in-game ecosystem.

  • Closely tracking player feedback for swift adjustments and improvements.

  • Continuously updating and refining the game based on player feedback.

  • Regular introduction of new features, challenges, and events to ensure a continually fresh and engaging gaming experience.

Future Plans - Gods of Fire Season 2:

  • Planning and strategizing for Season 2 of the game Gods of Fire.

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