Gods of Fire P2E game

Gods of Fire is an upcoming multiplayer online game developed on the MultiversX blockchain, where players can own, monetize their in-game assets, and earn $EGODS while leading their dragons in epic battles. Gods of Fire will offer a gaming experience that brings together players from both the Web2 and Web3 in a dragon-filled battleground. This approach is designed to encourage broader adoption. The game will be available for Web2 users as well, providing a unique arena where players from both Web2 and Web3 environments can meet and engage in battles. To ensure accessibility for everyone, players will be able to connect to the game using both the xPortal App for Web3 players and email for Web2 users. The interface and menus will vary depending on the player type, delivering a personalized experience.

You will engage in fierce conflicts with other players in order to compete for dominance over the Valley of Dragons while commanding the great Dragons in their quest to get possession of the Dragon Eggs, which are vital to the survival of their species and the achievement of their quest.

Fight other players from all across the world in heated battles to earn the right to rule over the Valley of Dragons and get rewarded with $EGODS. Upon launching the game, you'll be transported to a mythical realm teeming with mysteries and endless adventures. Explore a magnificent landscape, soar with your dragon across mountains and clouds, discover magical structures and hidden locations, and identify your dragon's strongest points to defeat foes.

It is a fun and competitive game that rewards individual accomplishments while creating a strong and welcoming atmosphere for players. While some players may choose to monetize their in-game experience, others may just wish to play for fun or to socialize with their friends in the arena.

Growing the community is one of our major goals. The more players we have, the bigger the battles!

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