Dragons Arena NFT Collection

Dragons Arena 3D NFT Collection | Supply: 5888

Why dragons?

Dragons have a rich cultural and historical significance, they have been used as symbols of strength, protection, and power for centuries. Their mythical abilities like breathing fire and flying add an element of magic and fantasy to the game. In the game, players can experience the power and wonder of these creatures, using them as powerful allies in battles and adding an exciting and unique aspect to the gameplay experience.

Let's find out what Dragon Arena NFT holders receive in terms of benefits and privileges.

Daily NFT Raffle inside AR Connect Transpose your dragon into the real world with our AR Connect app. Participate in our daily raffle for a chance to win 1 NFT from Dragons Arena or another project that has joined our rewards program.

FREE Gods of Fire NFT By holding a Dragons Arena NFT, you not only gain early access to the BETA version of the Gods of Fire play-to-earn game but also become eligible for a Gods of Fire NFT airdrop! There will be 3 types of in-game characters: Common, Epic, and Legendary. Example: if you own an epic Dragon Arena NFT when the snapshot is taken, an epic in-game character will be airdropped. This FREE playable NFT in-game character brings not only a beautiful gaming experience but also gives you the opportunity to earn $EGODS token. You may also rent out your Gods of Fire NFT to earn passive income, or simply trade it on any of MultiversX marketplaces.

STAKE to earn $MEX Staking period: 24hrs Your Dragons Arena NFT must be kept in your wallet and staked manually every 24 hours in order to receive daily rewards.

Whitelist for $EGODS Token presale Dragon Arena NFT holders are automatically WL and granted 15-minute early presale access.

$EGODS Airdrop The first major airdrop will occur immediately after $EGODS presale which will take place on Krogan launchpad. To qualify for this airdrop you need to hold a minimum of 3 Dragons in your wallet when the snapshot is taken.

Whitelist for Dragon Riders NFT Collection Dragon Arena NFT holders are automatically whitelisted for the Riders NFT Collection, which holds significant importance in the game.

Opportunity to participate in private sales of partnered projects

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