Gods of Fire NFT collection

Dragons Unleashed The Gods of Fire collection, integrated into the Gods of Fire game, represents the playable dragons NFTs. Owning a Gods of Fire NFT provides you with the opportunity to earn $EGODS tokens in the game while conquering the skies with your chosen dragon and winning battles to claim the right to rule over the Valley of Dragons. Within the Gods of Fire collection, you'll encounter a diverse array of dragons, each falling into one of three distinct types: Common, Epic, and Legendary. These dragons possess unique skills and capabilities, tailored to their roles in the battle, and their rarity adds an extra layer of distinction.

What you can do with Gods of Fire NFT?

  • Play with your Dragon to win in-game rewards.

  • Trade it on the marketplace.

  • Rent your Dragon and earn passive income.

How can you get playable characters NFTs?

  • Anyone can purchase Gods of Fire Dragons NFTs with $EGODS.

  • Dragons Arena NFT holders will get a free Gods of Fire NFT, depending on the Dragon rarity type they own.

Dragons’ Story:

Dragons have successfully regained control of the Valley of Dragons, and now they are engaged in a never-ending struggle for the control of the Dragon Eggs. The one Dragon who is successful in acquiring the fabled eggs will be the one to steer the entire army of Dragons towards a new Age of Dragons.

We highly value our community's feedback and actively use it to ensure a balanced gaming experience for all players on the battlefield. Our commitment extends to continuous improvement, where we introduce new characters with diverse powers, set new goals to achieve, and unveil exciting new maps for an ever-evolving and engaging gameplay environment.

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