Dragons Arena

$EGODS Token

THE $EGODS token are built on the Elrond Blockchain and is designed to be the main utility token of the Dragons Arena ecosystem. $EGODS holders will be able to stake their tokens for more rewards. Players will earn $EGODS while playing the MOBA game Gods of Fire. Dragons Arena NFTs holders will receive $EGODS token airdrops.
Game rewards: Earn $EGODS by playing Gods of Fire.
Play & Spend: Use $EGODS to buy in-game items. Players can buy and trade in-game characters or customize their characters.
Passive income: Rent your dragon and earn $EGODS, or try the game by renting a character.
Staking: Claim $EGODS rewards by staking your tokens.
Burning: We'll burn tokens on special events to raise the token’s value.
Special edition NFT Collections: Buy NFTs using $EGODS.
Dragons Arena NFT Holders: NFT owners will receive $EGODS airdrops. The first airdrop will take place after the token launch.
Augmented Reality App: Transpose your Dragons and earn $EGODS. There will be a pool prize with $EGODS tokens for AR Connect.
$EGODS tokens will be trading currency on: https://elrondnftswap.com/
You will have the opportunity to buy or sell other NFT projects with $EGODS Token.
$EGODS token presales will take place on Krogan launchpad: http://kroganlaunchpad.com
The launch date will be announced soon.
The royalties from the purchases of in-game characters will be deposited into a shared treasury known as the Dragons' Treasury. This treasury will be used to develop the game, reward players and active participants, burn tokens, and a portion of the pool will be allocated to the team and staking rewards.