Dragons Arena

Rewards: Play to Earn, Staking, Holders Airdrops

45% $EGODS of the total supply are reserved for the Rewards Fund.
Token amount
% of total supply
Play to Earn rewards This is the largest allocation as game rewards are the essence of Gods of Fire.
The purpose of this fund is to attract a large group of active players to participate in the Dragons Arena ecosystem.
These tokens will be distributed as follows:
• Daily token reward system - claimable after 1 week
• Seasonal rewards
• Tournaments
• Special game modes
Staking Rewards
Staking is a reward for holders who are willing to lock their tokens for a certain amount of time as a long-term investment.
By staking your $EGODS tokens you will be able to earn $EGODS rewards.
You can stake locked $LEGODS tokens and receive $EGODS rewards.
Dragons Arena NFT holders' token airdrops This fund will be set aside to reward Dragons Arena NFTs holders.
To be eligible for airdrops, you must have at least 3 Dragons Arena NFT in your wallet.
• In each quarter of the year, Dragons Arena owners will receive an amount of $EGODS per NFT.
• The first airdrop will take place immediately after the token launch.
• Airdrops will be vested over a period of 9 months with a partial release of 10% of the $EGODS amount per month.
We value the help and support of our members who have an essential role in the success of our project. The purpose of the fund is to reward our NFTs holders and members that bring significant value to the project. The fund will be allocated to:
• Dragons Arena NFT holders $EGODS airdrops
• Community engagement
• Community activities
• Community tournaments